Moisés Fragela


Moisés Fragela was born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1976 where he lived until 1990 when he moved to Miami, Florida to later return to Puerto Rico in 1996.  He started to paint at the age of 20, doing his formal education at Florida International University in Miami and at the Institute Fine Arts, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico where he graduated in 2004.  From 1997 through 2001, Mr. Fragela was an artist in residence at Galería Calle Del Cristo, Old San Juan.  Also in 2003, Mr. Fragela was invited to attend the Master Critics hosted by Dr. Elaine King where he was honored with the Best Critic and Best Show for his paintings.

In 2006 he was selected to participate in the 6th Florence Biennale.  Fragela was also part of a Collection Reyes & Veray at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico.  Also, he was a part of a project for the Ponce Art Museum which has given him an opportunity to collaborate with other artist in very unique projects and raise donations for their educational programs in their Gala event in 2012.  Fragela also participated in Miami Art Week in the Spectrum Art Fair in 2013 and his works are now part of the the Museo Francisco Oller permanent collection in Bayamón, Puerto Rico since 2015.

Artist Statement

“My work is a critique of the “sheeple” state of mind in a modern society that does not question the chaos it lives in and anything around it.  I try to confront the viewer by forcing them into my chaotic world.  Then further I force them to ask what the imagery is and what it isn’t.  I purposely don’t let the viewer feel comfortable with a color scheme that puts them at ease.  I want the view to be reeled in with the colors, with the monochromatic colors and with the images and symbols that seem familiar but are also are a total contradiction.  All of my work starts the same way; first emptiness, then chaos and lastly order out of chaos.  I will my way into your through process and plant a seed.  To question is a skill that most of use lose after was grow up.  As a child you are open to asking questions.  I challenge you to view the world as a child and become open again to asking questions, and not accepting what is said, presented, or forced upon us from the media.” – Moisés Fragela


The basic concept of the works presented is to encourage the viewer to question their reality or briefly try to open their eyes to ideas that are not the norm in society or in the Mass Media, and for them to not accept these things as fact outright but instead for them to decide according to the individual’s own thoughts and opinions to determine what is right or wrong and what is a lie or the truth. – Moisés Fragela

Moisés Fragela - Open/Closed - 3D
Moisés Fragela - Open/Closed
Moisés Fragela - La Mentira de la Verdad - 3D
Moisés Fragela - La Mentira de la Verdad
Moisés Fragela - The Sketches - 3D
Moisés Fragela - The Sketches
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Available Works

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