Renata Santamarina

Renata Santamarina is a self-taught painter from Mexico City, Mexico where she lives and creates.  She has studied towards a Bachelors in Restoration of Art for interest in traditional techniques, but has complemented her artistic training with specialized courses at the Academy of San Carlos and the Centro Artes San Agustin (CaSa) in Oaxaca. Renata has also participated in workshops from artists like Edgar Clement and Omar Rosiles. Her works are part of private collections throughout Mexico and the United States.

For her exhibition of “Dejemos al Menos Flores (Let’s leave at least Flowers)”, Renata Santamarina is inspired by the poet and philosopher Nezahualcoyotl, and his poem “Un Recuerdo que Dejo (A Memory that I Leave)”.  Her paintings invite the viewer to return to nature: to have an animistic worldview again. It is an invitation to question their existence and find the answers in the petals, in the cocoons of the butterflies, and in the song of the birds and the air that carries them.

For her exhibition “Sneaky Ones. Dibujos de Bolsillo (Pocket Drawings)”, we have selected a collection of sketches of which Renata creates almost daily.  She is compelled to draw “A cada minuto, a cada momento, a cada segundo.. (In every minute, in every moment, in every second…).  Discover them below.


Renata Santamarina - Dejemos al Meno Flores - 3D
Renata Santamarina - Dejemos al Meno Flores
Renata Santamarina - Sneaky Ones. - 3D
Renata Santamarina - Sneaky Ones.
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Renata Santamarina - "La Reina Loca" - In Depth
Museum In-Depth Series 2 Episode 1: Renata Santamarina - "La Reina Loca"
Renata Santamarina - "Como es Arriba, es Abajo" - In Depth
Museum In-Depth Series Episode 4: Renata Santamarina - "Como es Arriba, es Abajo"
Renata Santamarina - Meet Renata
Dejemos al Menos Flores - Video
Renata Santamarina - Ferdinand's Introduction
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Renata Santamarina was featured and interviewed in  TOROSIETE Magazine, July 2018.

Available Works

Fine Art, Limited-Edition Hand-Signed Prints of many of her works, plus Originals are available in our Museum Store.