Trần Dân

Trần Dân joins the TOROSIETE Museum from Hanoi, Vietnam where he lives and works.

Trần Dân studied architecture in university, but turned to a self-taught career in Fine Art.  His primary medium is lacquer yet he works widely from painting to installation, video, photography, sculpture and performance using multiple mediums.  

One of Trần Dân’s interests is to find a broader possibility in the use of lacquer as a medium. In Vietnam, lacquer has been one of the most representative traditional mediums used in modern arts of Vietnam which has a typical concept, subject, and technique. Trần Dân is exploring beyond the traditional way that Vietnamese artists use lacquer in creating a painting and their subject matter.  He is keen to develop his form and art output further: using lacquer with/as mix-material paintings/sculptures or (video) installations.

While there is no support for contemporary artists from Vietnamese official and governmental institutions, Trần Dân has worked with many foreign cultural institutions in Vietnam such as Denmark, France, Germany, and Japan, and it has broadened his art practice beyond painting such as that he has made experimental videos and performances about human consciousness, dreams, Vietnamese culture, and foods. Trần Dân also runs an independent art space and organizes and directs programs for local international artists.

In Trần Dân’s first exhibition, “Mộng du tri giấc mơ (Sleepwalking in a Dream)”, the collection of works explore his use of traditional Vietnamese natural lacquer and contemporary oil on canvas and mixed media work.  His subject matter, sometimes surreal and existential explores the concept of “Hiện tại kết nối tương lai, những đường xiên trong những chuyện kể giấc mơ mộng du của tôi,” or “the Present connecting the future, slanting lines in the my sleepwalking dream stories.” – Trần Dân


Trần Dân - “Mộng du tri giấc mơ (Sleepwalking in a Dream) - 3D Virtual Exhibition
Trần Dân - “Mộng du tri giấc mơ (Sleepwalking in a Dream)
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We are working on videos to introduce this artist.  Please check back soon!


Trần Dân will be interviewed and featured in the January 2019 Issue of TOROSIETE Magazine.

Available Works

Fine Art Original Works are available from Trần Dân in the TOROSIETE Museum Gallery Store.