Wilmer Herrison

Wilmer Herrison, originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, has developed his own technique of acrylic painting heavily influenced by the intricate weaving of the Amerindian tribes of Eastern Columbia and Western Venezuela.

At 23, he moved to France where he studied at the École du Louvre in Paris.  There he studied techniques used in ancient frescoes and early Italian paintings.  He developed a major interest for Baroque paintings, Impressionism and contemporary creation.  His early influences also include Venezuela Kinetic Artists Jesús Rafael Soto, Lía Bermúndez and Carlos Cruz-Díez.

At 32, he received recognition in his home country of Venezuela, with works displayed in two national museums: The Barquisimeto Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Juan Astorga Anta in Mérida, Venezuela.  Soon after he also exhibited works at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Herrison has exhibited all over the world.  He has created an autonomous language in his works where his culture and early experiences with weaving has translated into a contemporary painting form.


Wilmer Herrison - Reflect Optique - 3D
Wilmer Herrison - Reflect Optique
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Wilmer Herrison Interview with RFI Spain with Jordi Batallé, October 2018
Wilmer Herrison - Meet Wilmer Herrison
Wilmer Herrison - Reflect Optique Video Exhibition
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Wilmer is interviewed and featured in  TOROSIETE Magazine, July 2018.

Available Works

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