The TOROSIETE Museum of Contemporary Art is a Fine Art Museum Gallery that celebrates the best of emerging and well established contemporary artists worldwide.  Specializing in styles such as Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Realism, Hyperrealism, Pop/Lowbrow and Surreal Art, TOROSIETE Museum celebrates works of art in multiple mediums.  Be sure to visit our Wall Art Galleries, featuring Paintings, Mixed Media and Pen & Ink Works, Sculpture Galleries including Ceramics and Jewelry and our Multimedia Gallery which includes Music and Video art.

Beyond a traditional Fine Art Gallery, TOROSIETE Museum exists only online, but we strive to give our visitors a complete interactive experience.  Our 3D Virtual Exhibitions allow site viewers to experience our artists’ works in real time, true to scale environments. This allows all visitors to view the artworks as if they were actually present in a physical museum.  Further, our “Standard” Interactive Exhibitions contain multiple views of the artist works, including detail views and rich multimedia presentations of the works.

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The TOROSIETE Museum’s mission is to also archive and maintain our artists’ exhibitions on our site.  Our relationships with our artists extend beyond their exhibitions, and we work with each of them on a continual basis to bring you multiple exhibitions of their works throughout their careers.  Like a physical Museum, our goal is to archive, educate and contribute to society by providing free access to the public our exhibitions in Virtual Form as well as through community events and broadcasts.

Many of the works in our Museum are available for sale, or we have Limited Edition, Fine Art Prints available of the works available.  Visit our Museum Store, TOROSIETE Museum Store to see available works from our artists.

TOROSIETE Museum is part of the TOROSIETE group of companies, accompanied by TOROSIETE Press, (the publisher of TOROSIETE Magazine), as well as our design group TOROSIETE Collection.

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