Benjamín Hierro

Born in Mexico in 1959, Benjamín has been creating fine art in multiple disciplines for over four decades.  First Hierro studied painting with the Dutch painter Fred de Keijser and graphic design at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana of México.

Later he moved to London, England and studied modern dance and choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School and percussion with the American composer Jon Keliehore and began a career as a professional dancer.

In 1983, he went to Caracas, Venezuela, to work as a dancer and choreographer at the Danzahoy Company, where he performed in important national and international tours. At the same time, his artistic activity intensifies: he works in the silk screen printing workshop of Simón Guerrero, studied engraving in the workshop of Traces of the fine artist Corina Briceño, drawing in the Cegra with the artist Antonio Lazo and painting with the master Angelo Foong.

Bringing his physical artistry to his dance company, in 1988 he designed the costumes for the Danzahoy Company’s “40 degrees in the Shade” series.

In 1989 he ventured into the field of sculpture using wrought iron and art applied to architecture. He founded the company “Hierro Esculturas y Diseños” where he produced important large-scale works for 20 years.

In 1990 and 1994, the Rally Foundation acquired several paintings for the Fine Arts Museums of Israel and Punta del Este, Uruguay.

In 1997, he entered the drawing circle organized by maestro Ernesto León based at the Sofía Ímber Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela.

His work “Tennis Angel” (oil on canvas), was the winner to represent the image of the tennis tournament “Chalenger-Cup Ericson” which was held in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Argentina.

In 2012, his first book “Traje” was published, sponsored by the DRT Company, Residential and Tourist Development.

At the end of 2016, he made a large-format ceramic mural “Los tres grandes”, in Parque Ziká, located in Zibatá Residential Development, Querétaro.

Benjamín Hierro has returned to México where he continues to create all forms of fine art. His exhibitions have been seen throughout Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, and The United States.

For Benjamín Hierro, his inspiration comes from everyday life.


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