Dellfina Dellert – EMBODIMENTS – The Past Has no Power over Now

The Interactive Exhibition of Part III of Dellfina Dellert‘s EMBODIMENTS: “The Past Has no Power over Now”, 2012, a Video Installation is below. For the complete 3D Virtual Exhibition of this collection, click here.

This Video Installation originally consisted of four videos presented on four walls of a video room. They moved simultaneously coming one after another. Each of the 4 videos are attributed to the four elements of nature to four human elements, those appearing on Tibetan, Hindu, and Indian thankas, as well as on tarot. Dellfina merges them together in the process of compliance in a rhythm of her breath and heartbeat. They are an expression of a new period, being an affirmation of fulfillment, joy, harmony, personal freedom and unity with the universe. Digging deep below ego, Dellfina tried to get to impersonal levels of consciousness, where she becomes part of oneness.

Water = Emotions

Fire = Sexuality

Air = Intellect

Earth – Physicality

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EMBODIMENTS, consists of three parts, created in three consecutive years:

“What you think, you become” (2010, photography)
“A true artist is a real masterpiece” (2011, photography)
“The past has no power over now” (2012, video installation).

“Works included in this project are a manifestation of my journey through various thoughts, emotions and states of mind, after I separated from my partner in life and in art. By using “method acting” techniques and psychomagic practices created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, I have undertaken self-therapy. To bring subject, object, and act of creation into unity, to come as close as possible to the truth, I decided to use my body as a blank canvas on which I projected my thoughts and emotions, documenting at the same time my confrontation with them, and giving them new, personal meaning.” – Dellfina Dellert

Trần Dân - Sleepwalking in a Dream
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Dellfina Dellert - EMBODIMENTS:
"The Past Has No Power over Now"
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