Héctor Rafael – Transfigurado

I create paintings that play with perception and preconceived ideas of the male and female form. They deconstruct and reconstruct the human body as a way of redefining masculinity and femininity.  My paintings depict beings that overcome their fragmentation through their transfiguration; bodies that transcend time and space creating a link between the internal and external universe. The representation of sectioned and reconstructed nudes suggests sexualities that have been interrupted, manipulated, and magnified for public contemplation. The anatomical references merge into each other creating ambiguous sexual forms where male and female become one. The traditional definitions of masculinity and femininity are erased and the eyes of the spectator are opened to a new realm of possibilities.

The co-existence between anatomical and botanical references is evident in my paintings. They harmoniously share their importance in psychological compositions. The entities contain fragments of an environment that has been abused as much as the individuality of its inhabitants, but where organic beauty triumphs expanding through each canvas and maintaining the unifying continuity of the image.

My work of art promotes equity and functions as a hopeful invitation to inclusive and harmonious coexistence. They are images of luminous forms that emerge to delight us and suggest introspection; paintings that echo the uncontainable energy that revives, unifies, and transforms the universe. – Héctor Rafael