Hélios González

Hélios González, a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter/producer living in Miami, Florida has been writing and composing songs for longer than he can remember.  After releasing several EPs over the years, he is now working on a new full release album, “En Blanco y Negro (In Black and White)”.  “Entre el engaño y la muerte, entre el amor y la suerte (Between deceit and death, between love and luck)” is from whence the inspiration for these works are derived.

González’s music portrays a collection of themes that border on the contemporary, and the traditional in pop music. “When I sat down to write the songs on this album, one and a thousand things were happening in my life.” says the vocalist. “Personally, professionally … I was in one place, mentally, I needed a complete relief.” Out of that relief came songs like the ultra modern “Llegar a Ti (Get to You)”, a song about mistrust between lovers;
and the intensely rhythmic “Slave”, with a theme that roars from deep inside. “That song is difficult for me, because it comes out of the suffering of my friends, the island (Puerto Rico) and my father, who died last year.” With the shocking departure of his father, the producer also gave himself completely to his music. “This album was so much a matter of wanting to share my art, my muse … but it was also an emotional catharsis, a way to connect with my roots, with my old man, I believe that I managed to capture all that I felt inside.” The EP of seven unpublished songs comes with a lot of flavor and variety, and when it is available, we will make sure we share it here.

For his TOROSIETE Museum exhibition, we present the video from “Llegar a Ti”, and have presented the original version, plus a version with English subtitles.


Hélios González - Llegar a Ti


Available Works

Visit Hélios González’s website at heliosmusic.com for the latest releases, and links to download and/or stream his music.


Hélios González will be interviewed in the July 2018 Issue of TOROSIETE Magazine.