Henry Blount

Henry creates vivid colorful paintings in a Pop/Lowbrow Surrealist style, though he considers himself a “Wildlife Painter”, but you won’t find many of this whimsical animals on this planet.

Though Henry has formally studied Fine Art Painting while pursuing a degree in Fine Arts, he has  always carried a sketchbook since the fourth grade.  Since 2005, Henry has been wowing audiences with his curious whimsical paintings.

He has been featured in exhibitions all throughout Colorado, and has even created murals.  Henry has recently been adapting the “characters” from his paintings into physical sculptures.  This multi-talented artist has even written poetry to accompany some of his works and we hope to share those with you in the future.  Henry also is working on a graphic novel.


Henry Blount - The Color of Blount - 3D
Henry Blount - The Color of Blount
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Henry Blount - The Color of Blount - Video
Henry Blount - The Three-Headed Mallard - Video
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Henry was the cover artist also featured and interviewed in TOROSIETE Magazine, February 2018.

Available Works

There are currently no works for sale in our Museum Store for this artist.  Contact us if you have a special request.