Kalliope Amorphous – Glass Houses

In Glass Houses, Kalliope captures split-second deconstructions of her own reflections by manipulating flexible mirror boards made from polyester film. The light and color sensitivity of the surface is similar to water, creating a reflection which passes through countless configurations in a fraction of a second. In this project, she confronts questions of self-image and the ways in which our interior worlds conflict with our exterior form. How does the image that we present to the world differ from what we see when we look in the mirror? If our desires, fears, secrets and vulnerabilities were manifested physically, what might they look like? The process of working with these mirrors acts like a screen for her subconscious mind, often answering questions and revealing deeper aspects of her hopes, fears, and memories in the resulting image. She began this series in 2012 and continues working with this process, because it has been her favorite experimental process.

The Interactive Version of this exhibition is below. Also see the 3D Virtual Exhibition.