Red Flower Lake

“We want our sound to be love. Our sound is a love sound. We want that love, the vibration of love to sound through the airwaves into the listener’s ears and hopefully reverberate and wake up their love vibration, too.” — Rahimah Wright, Red Flower Lake

This straightforward and monumental intention is the mission for Red Flower Lake, a musical partnership between Abel and Rahimah Wright, who happen to be husband and wife. Since they were teenagers they have been making music together, but after more than two decades of collaboration, Red Flower Lake marks a newfound clarity and confidence, a coming into being. 

Red Flower Lake is lush, heady electro-pop. Aloe vera for our dried-out hearts. Sweeping melodies and understated yet complex soundscapes. These songs are open doors to a relationship: two people who know each other about as well as two humans can, singing to the other, about each other, offering a brave and heartfelt depiction of the territories they have survived and navigated together. It’s all here: intimacy and distance, heartbreak and ecstasy. Vulnerability, insecurity and courage. 

Not only is this music about love and partnership; it is the sound of love and partnership, in all its highs and lows. It is a love sound. Open up your ears, let the music reverberate and wake up your love vibration.  

In addition to the “Red Flower Lake Interactive Experience” Multimedia Exhibition below, Red Flower Lake also created the Soundtrack to Beatrix Ost‘s exhibition Illuminations and Illusions.


Red Flower Lake - Interactive Experience
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Red Flower Lake:
Interactive Experience
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