Roneld Lores

Roneld Lores is a sculptor and painter living in Boston. He has been an active part of the artist community for over 20 years. Originally from Cuba, Mr. Lores moved to the United States at the age of eight and studied Fine Arts at New World School of the Arts and Florida International University, where he received a BFA in 1994 with a major in Ceramics & Sculpture. One of Mr. Lores’ areas of concentration is the female figure. Strongly rooted in a classical foundation, his sculptures and paintings, abstract and fragment the female figure to conform to his own aesthetics. His style is loose and dynamic with an evident grasp of realism. His work has been exhibited and is in private collections throughout the Americas and Europe.

Artist Statement

“The female form is one of the earliest sources of artistic inspiration. I use the female form to explore our relationship with nature and to delve into the essence of our species; our endurance, our identity, our drive. My art is driven by a need to capture both the sensuality and the strength inherent in women. Over the course of my artistic trajectory I have explored this theme through stylized vessel forms and fertility effigies. These pieces explore our elemental roots and our reverence for life and nature, dating back to a time when we connected our immediate survival with our ability to live on in the next generation. Additionally there is a sensual undertone to my figures which explores the nature of how desire and attraction can evolve towards mutual reverence or devolve towards subversion and inequality. I do this by imparting my figures with both carnal and psychological elements that offer a balance between sensuality and power. Most recently my focus has turned towards an examination of our future as a species. My current sculptures, paintings, and poetry are part of a series titled The Children of Light, Water, and Clay which explores the likelihood that climate changes may eventually render the cost of civilization unsustainable and bring us full circle.” – Roneld Lores


Roneld Lores - "The Children of Light, Water, and Clay"
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Roneld Lores:
The Children of Light, Water, and Clay
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"The Children of Light, Water and Clay" - Roneld Lores
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Roneld Lores - The Children of Light, Water and Clay
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Roneld Lores’ sculptures will be featured in the August 2019 Issue of TOROSIETE Magazine.

Available Works

Original Sculptures and Limited-Edition Bronze Replicas are available for sale in our Museum Gallery Store.