Roneld Lores – The Children of Light, Water, and Clay

Roneld Lores‘ “The Children of Light, Water, and Clay: Sculptures” is below. Interact, Explore and see detailed 360 degree views of each work at multiple zoom levels.

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the sun that once fed the forest
dries and crackles the clay
and the rains that once quenched its thirst
wash the crumbs away.
The flesh and bones of the perished
slowly decay into dust
and ruined expanses of cities
gradually crumble and rust.
The dust of all that we were
turns back to blood in the streams
as our fragile memorials to greed
get swept away with our dreams.
The scars that we left on the land
are washed anew by the slurry
as the remnants of the wronged
swallow the sins of the buried.
Those that remain cling to rocks
slowly forgetting their past.
Forgetting what they have lost.
The echoes of songs do not last.
This is what it will take,
for those that have lost their way,
to remember who they are,
the children of light, water, and clay.

The Children of Light, Water, and Clay – Roneld Lores