Sonny Lee L

Sonny Lee L was born in Lima,  Ohio, USA  but grew up in the Metro Miami area of South Florida.

Star Wars, MTV and Miami Vice helped shape a visual sensibility that along with comic books were his gateway into art.

Soaking in every influence around him, he gained inspiration from the Pop Art movements of the 70’s and 80’s and the New York art, music and hip-hop scene.  After a return to Ohio he set out to reconcile the color, splash and conceptual daring with a lyrical rust belt realism he saw everyday around him, landing somewhere between Neon, comic books, Public Enemy and an old country song.

Mainly working in digital art and painting, his works can be seen as a visual representation of a modern struggle… to use a digital platform to find a humanity that connects a generation echoing the past while racing to the future, somehow leaving a present undefined.


Sonny Lee L - Rust Belt Lyricism - 3D
Sonny Lee L - Rust Belt Lyricism
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Sonny Lee L - Part One: Introduction


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Available Works

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