Stian Borgen

Stian Borgen is from Østfold, Norway but now works out of his atelier at Hydrogenfabrikken in Fredrikstad, Norway. With an educational background in Multimedia Design and 3D Design from the Noroff Institute in Oslo, Norway and Internships with Heidi Øiseth, Janicke Schønning, and Visual Arts Studies at the Nydalen Art School in Oslo, Norway with Marit Halvorsen and Henriette Emilie Finne, Stian combines his techniques with his love of grafitti and artistic talent.

“I work with paintings and have my atelier at Hydrogenfabrikken in Fredrikstad, Norway. I have through my specialization and passion for art, especially graffiti, indulged in Neo-expressionism to approach knowledge and professional technical expertise. My curiosity and the big community that I surround myself with, enables me new opportunities and innovates my way of thinking.

Lately, I have been focusing on simplifying and removing unnecessary information in my expression. I try to explore how much I can fragmentize an object without it loosing it’s recognizably and essence. I put together motifs by repeating shapes and movements that’s inspired by musical flow and rhythms.

My biggest inspiration is the way Basquiat worked and the impact it made early in the 80s, but my inspiration pool is an amalgamation of what Jackson Pollock’s did with action painting and Richard Hambleton’s quick movements on the streets. These artists inspired my way of approaching the canvas, and the biggest similarity must be the way Hambleton gives life to shapes by throwing paint with the brush.

I start each of my works with high energy and powerful movements that create and inspires new shapes. The imperfection in each stroke is important to my expression. I can see the palette amplifying as the painting is manifesting on the canvas and it is important to me to spend time evaluating and judging, to maintain the rawness that I work with.

My biggest strength as an artist is the amount of work and intensity that I put into my work. I have a yearning to express myself through art. The intensity is a part of me I consider important in my expression.” – Stian Borgen


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