Valeria Feliú

Valeria Feliú was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1970. From an early age she developed an interest in the creative and artistic fields, attending various workshops and pursuing personal projects within ceramics, drawing, painting, and photography.

While studying a Visual Communication degree, she attended the workshops of a renowned Argentine painter, Adolfo Nigro, under Torres García's “universal constructivism” art movement.

In the early 90's she moved to Sydney, Australia where she studied interior design and worked in the architectural and design field. In parallel,  she developed her artistic career, mainly in an abstract style, participating in various individual and group shows, art fairs and competitions.

Valeria returned to Argentina to Salta in 1998.   She is currently dedicated full-time to being a fine art painter - focusing her interest in realism – not to say reality – and the human condition with its vast invitation to explore and represent.

BORN: 1970, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
WORKS & LIVES: Salta, Argentina

2019 - “Homage of Muses and Inspiration. Resignificating the contemporary portrait". Salta's House, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2018 - “Portraits of a Nonspecific Time in History” Contemporary Art Museum. Salta, Argentina.
2018 - “Portraits of a thought” Cultural House of Salta. Argentina
2011 - Bonarda, Boutique Hotel. Salta, Argentina
2008 - Government House of Salta´s Province.
2007 - “Retrospective“, April Provincial Cultural Festival; Salta.
2002 - Renault Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2001 - "A" Art Gallery. "TranseúnteS". Salta.
1999 - "A" Art Gallery. "HumaniX". Salta.
1998 - Greenpark Gallery. Sydney, Australia.
1997 - Laine Cove Gallery. Sydney, Australia.



2021 - “Salteñas – Miradas Rev(b)eladas–” Contemporary Art Museum. Salta, Argentina.
2019 - 19 Karen, "Threesom". Queensland, Australia.
2019 - Milo Lockett Art Gallery, "100 woman by woman". BsAs, Argentina.
2002 - Abaco´s Space Convention, "Allegories". Salta, Argentina.
2001 - fEDRO Art Gallery Inaugural opening Show. Salta, Argentina.
2001 - Public domain- project installation, Salta.
2001 - Salta´s New Airport 2000.
2000 - 1est Annual Art Auction - Solidary Arg. Founding, Salta.
1999 - Leonardo Avalos Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998 - Loft Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1997 - MTV Unplaged convention. Sydney, Australia
1997 - Spring Festival, Kirribilli Centre; Sydney.
1997 - Tap Gallery; Sydney.

2007 - IV National Art Competition of Salta´s Province; Salta.
2001 - Province Art Competition; Salta.
2000 - Salta´s Art jubilee; Salta and Cafayate.
1998 - Mosman Art Prize; Sydney.
1997 - Willogby Art prize; Sydney.
1997 - Liverpool Art prize; Sydney.

1999 - Mention, "2000´s Young Expressions" L. Avalos Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998 - Abstract Painting Prize, Loft Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina



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