Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez – d e . t e ɾ . m ĩ ˈ n a . ð̞ o – 3D Virtual Exhibition

Artist Statement:

“We need to experience our selves in such way that we could say that our real body is not just what it is inside the skin, but our hole, total, external environment.” – Allan Wats

My creative process begins with the Spanish language, particularly the definite article that precedes the name of each flower. In Spanish, this article is gendered, varying between the male el and the female la. For example, while creating the piece that features an oak flower—in Spanish, el roble—I used male body parts to correspond to the flower’s definite article. On the other hand, while preparing the bougainvillea—la trinitaria—I used female body parts. My intention is not to make a statement on gender or sex, but to highlight the morphology of the language.

As to the flowers, I arrange them by hand to create compositions in conjunction with the human body. These meticulous arrangements are placed in situ when I create the photograph. The flowers themselves provide the beauty, grandeur, and glory inherent to tropical flora.

The human body—in its entirety or by its parts—supplies a sense of humanity to the composition. Each one of my photographs exhibits the symbiotic relationship between human beings and the flora. The human body juxtaposed with colorful flowers is a
celebration of our humanity and the joy of life.

-Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez

The 3D Virtual Exhibition of Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez’s “d e . t e ɾ . m ĩ ˈ n a . ð̞ o” is no longer available live. For the Standard Version of this exhibition, click here.


This exhibition is currently being archived. Check back soon for the video version.