Introducing “Interpretations” at the TOROSIETE Museuem!

Looking for a way to interact more with our Museum exhibitions?  We are announcing a new exciting, and rewarding way to share how you are inspired and moved by the works in our Museum.  Announcing “Interpretations”, a contest where we will be choosing an exhibition, and soliciting our Museum visitor’s own interpretations of the works in the exhibition!

Each month we will choose an exhibition and ask our participants to write their interpretation or analysis of one of the works in the exhibition.  We encourage that writer to post their interpretation on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and tag us (@torosiete) with the interpretation, and also use the hashtag #INTERPRETATIONS. 

E-mail us the complete interpretation to and we will select the best entry!

Entries may be published here in the Museum, and one of the best will be selected to win a Limited-Edition, Hand-Signed Fine Art Print of that artwork!  The winning interpretations will be selected by a jury of the Artist and our curator, Ferdinand Ocasio Tomlin.

Entries can be submitted in English or Spanish!

For our first contest, we selected the exhibition “Monologue” by Angela Alés.  Check out the 3D Virtual and/or Standard Interactive versions of the exhibition!

The contest for this iteration is over and the winner of the Limited-Edition, Hand-Signed Fine Art Print of the “Monologue” has been notified and we will publish the winning entry in July!

In “Monologue”, Angela Alés has created a series of works that explore the inner-monologues of people. What is going on in their minds? What are they thinking about? What deep inner thoughts and situations are influencing them? What are they experiencing inside? How do their actions affect others? How do other’s actions effect them? We cannot wait to hear your “Interpretations.”

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