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“Hearts’ Lonely Hunters” Streaming Film Premiere

March 26, 2021 All day

“Hearts’ Lonely Hunters” (1995) is about Klaus (Hans-Jörg Assman), a German writer with a thirst for experience and a longing for personal expression that arrives in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is sent to the town of Thomas Jefferson on a journalistic assignment to write about the great man and his achievements. However, he quickly becomes disillusioned with his subject yearning for a human connection. A direct confrontation with the racial tensions of a melting pot society enables him to abandon the past and open himself to observing the present. Lured by his own thirst and longing, his position as a stranger allows him to discover people’ deepest secrets. During his stay, he befriends a diverse group of characters searching to fulfill their true dreams and desires. Among them are: Mooney Sunshine (John Carden), a dualistic persona with a haunting childhood secret; Dolly (Savitri Durkee), who is looking for “true love”, but always in the wrong places; and Luna (Bega Metzner), a Zen archer who never misses with her arrow, only in life; to name a few. To some, Klaus becomes a friend, to others, he is their guiding figure. But all of them inspire him in his own journey towards “a story dear to his heart”.

Director: Daniel Kuttner

Producers: Danier Kuttner, Beatrix Ost

Screenplay: Daniel Kuttner, Beatrix Ost

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