Latest Past Events

Valeria Feliú – Opening Reception & Artist Q&A – “Portraits of a Thought”

Join us for an online, virtual Opening Reception & Artist Q&A as we are joined by Valeria Feliú from Argentina as we tour through her new exhibition of paintings "Portraits of a Thought" and take questions LIVE from the attendees! Visit her exhibition in our museum to get ready! We recommend joining via Zoom, or


Artist Q&A with Beatrix Ost – “Hearts’ Lonely Hunters”

The TOROSIETE Museum Virtual Auditorium

Join us for an online virtual Q&A and live chat with Beatrix Ost, TOROSIETE Museum Artist, fine art painter, writer and the producer, and screenwriter for "Hearts' Lonely Hunters" which will stream here in our museum starting March 26th. Perhaps a surprise actor from the cast will also join us! We encourage everyone to join


“Hearts’ Lonely Hunters” Streaming Film Premiere

“Hearts’ Lonely Hunters” (1995) is about Klaus (Hans-Jörg Assman), a German writer with a thirst for experience and a longing for personal expression that arrives in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is sent to the town of Thomas Jefferson on a journalistic assignment to write about the great man and his achievements. However, he quickly becomes disillusioned

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