Beatrix Ost Rose Essential Oil


A rose oil olfactory experience by Young Living Essential Oil packaged in a roller applicator. Etched with Beatrix Ost’s iconic motto, “In your body is a good place to be”.

Rose essential oil is a product of one of the most recognizable and culturally significant flowers in the world.  Rose oil is distilled gently to release the delicate flower’s oil though steam.  Because each 5 ml bottle requires 22 pounds of rose petals, rose is one of the most valuable essential oils you can acquire.

Rose oil, it’s sweet, rich aroma encourages feelings of positive self-reflection.  Rose has been used topically for thousands of years.

Rose has a frequency of 320 Mhz.

This special edition was created specifically to complement Beatrix Ost’s exhibition, Illuminations and Illusions”.  Visit her exhibition in the TOROSIETE Museum.