“Funeral Guest .2, Silver Elves” Original Pen on Paper by Renata Santamarina


“Funeral Guest .2, Silver Elves”, Original Pen on Paper work is 50 x 55 cm (approximately 19.6 x 21.6 in).  Unframed.  Part of her series, “Guestlist for My Funeral” by Mexican artist Renata Santamarina.

“Guestlist for my funeral is a tribute to my dear ones, each character is a reflection of a loved one. The goal is to build a set of mirrors, as in the tarot, for people to be able to identify with an archetype.” – Renata Santamarina

“The Silver Elves are a tribute to the idea of team working. They are all part of the mission, these little characters are responsible for watering the dragon of the moon. One of them starts the task by cutting the seeds. Next one is in charge of boiling them to prepare a delicious tea, so the third one is ready to feed the little moony creature.” – Renata Santamarina

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50 x 55 cm (approximately 19.6 x 21.6 in)


This work is shipped directly from Renata Santamarina's studio in Mexico City, Mexico.