“Funeral Guest .3, Tarot Reader” Original Mixed Media on Panel by Renata Santamarina


“Funeral Guest .3, Tarot Reader”, Original Mixed Media (Acrylic and Oil) on Wood Panel is 40 x 50 cm (approximately 15.7 x 19.6 in).  Unframed.  Part of her series, “Guestlist for My Funeral” by Mexican artist Renata Santamarina.

“Guestlist for my funeral is a tribute to my dear ones, each character is a reflection of a loved one. The goal is to build a set of mirrors, as in the tarot, for people to be able to identify with an archetype.” – Renata Santamarina

“The Tarot Reader is a tribute to the people devoted to the understanding of destiny and the invisible realm. She is picking the tarot card of the moon, inspiration for her choice comes from music.” – Renata Santamarina

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40 x 50 cm (approximately 15.7 x 19.6 in)


This work is shipped directly from Renata Santamarina's studio in Mexico City, Mexico.